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Few affinity groups have as much pride in Stevens as the university’s fraternities and sororities. Have you made your gift yet this year? Give now and add your name to the Honor Roll.


Alpha Sigma Phi

Beta Theta Pi

Chi Phi

Chi Psi (Lodge)

Delta Phi Epsilon

Delta Tau Delta

Kappa Sigma

Lambda Upsilon Lambda

Nu Alpha Phi

Omicron Pi

Phi Sigma Kappa

Phi Sigma Sigma (Zeta Omega)

Pi Lambda Phi

Sigma Nu

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Theta Phi Alpha

Theta Xi

Chi Upsilon Sigma

Mu Sigma Upsilon

Sigma Beta Rho


Data not complete for Chi Upsilon Sigma, Mu Sigma Upsilon, and Sigma Beta Rho. If you would like to help update the data of your fraternity or sorority, please e-mail

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