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Parents of students often make financial gifts to give Stevens extra resources for training their children to become leaders in science, business, society and many other fields. Like a surprise care package from home to a hard-working student, these gifts to the university are especially welcome. Give now to join your classmates.

Parent Giving
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Primary AddresseeClass of
Ms. Ulrika Akander
Mrs. Helen P. Albrecht
Mrs. Liga S. Aldins
Mr.Martin Aldins
Mr. Brian Amerman
Mrs. Gloria Andrich
Mr. Jon P. Aylmer\\ and Mrs. Jen Ayliner
Mr. Matthew C. Baber
Ms. Dana Banas
Mr. Warren Barnes
Ms. Toni Ann Barteluce
Mrs. Kim Bass\\ and Mr. Paul D. Bass
Ms. Daniella Bauman
Mr. Doug A. Beaney
Mr. James Becker
Ms. Odalys Becker
Ms. Malia K. Bendis
Mr. Donald Bennett
Mr. Ted Bickford
Mr. Joseph Blarr
Ms. Maria Boykin
Ms. Patricia Breed-Shusta
Mrs. Maryanne C. Brennan\\ and Mr. Michael Prevoznik
Ms. Julianne Brierley
Ms. Nancy W. Briggs
Mr. Per Bristow
Mr. Michael J. Brown
Mrs. Jan M. Buffenbarger
Mr. Randall S. Buffenbarger
Ms. Theresa Callaghan
Ms. Kathleen Campbell
Ms. Anne Campisano-Detlet
Ms. Mary Lou Caplis
Ms. Melissa Capodicasa
Ms. Kathleen Capro
Mr. Brian Carroll
Ms. Janice Carroll
Ms. Antonia Cawley
Mr. Hong Y. Cheng1993
Mrs. Pam Poon Cheng1992
Mrs. Jodi Ching\\ and Mr. Colin Ching
Ms. Sue Christou
Mr. John Ciraulo
Ms. Kathleen A. Ciraulo
Mrs. Mabel Clavijo
Mr. Rich Cole
Mr. Tom Coletti
Mr. Walter E. Condren
Mr. Keith J. Conway
Mrs. Mary Conway
Results: (1 - 50) of 255

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