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Stevens promotes lifelong learning by offering several graduate degrees, and graduate alumni are some of the most prominent supporters of the university. The following alumni made an important contribution towards the university’s academic mission. Have you made your gift yet this year? Give now and add your name to the Honor Roll.

Graduate Alumni Giving
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Primary AddresseeClass of
Mr. Yuichiro Abe2004
Dr. Kathryn D. Abel1991
Mr. Alan D. Abrams2002
Mr. Cameron C. Abt2010
Mr. David J. Ackerman2005
Mr. Sudhansh Aggarwal2018
Mr. K. Edward Aguilar2007
Mr. Ramon Aguirre-Rodriguez1990
Mr. John V. Albano1956
Mr. Matthew P. Alessandri2015
Mr. Karma R. Alexander2014
Mr. Carlo U. Alfare1964
Ms. Yasamin Aliashrafi Jodat2018
Mr. Scott Allan2005
Mr. Adalberto M. Alonso1983
Mr. Abel N. Alvarez2011
Mr. Joseph T. Ambrozy1961
Mr. Paul J. Amico1999
Mr. Allen C. Anderson1963
Ms. Nefatiti Anderson1995
Mr. William J. Andounian1975
Mr. Yesenia Andrades2013
Mr. Brian Andrucyk1987
Ms. Kendra L. Appleheimer2012
Mr. Philip W. Apruzzese1970
Mr. Shane Q. Arlington2016
Mr. Dmitry Arshansky1986
Mr. Anthony J. Arturi1959
Dr. Peter H. Astor1964
Ms. Jean Atkins1966
Mr. Oluwafemi Badejo2010
Mr. Daniel G. Bagnell1971
Mr. Shi Bai2012
Dr. Elizabeth Bailey1966
Mr. Arthur H. Baily1964
Ms. Elizabeth A. Bakarich2006
Mr. Charles Balas, Jr.,1967
Dr. William C. Baldwin2011
Ms. Linda M. Baliman1977
Mr. Michael R. Barger1979
Mr. David E. Barker2008
Dr. Anthony L. Barrese1970
Dr. and Mrs. David S. Barth2011
Mrs. Ellyn Barth2011
Ms. Stephanie A. Basile2016
Mr. Jared Bass2020
Ms. Patricia M. Bataille2000
Ms. Sienna Batzli2015
Dr. Burton L. Bauman1962
Results: (1 - 50) of 500

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