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Lifetime Giving Societies

Carole M. and John A. Abom ’65
Gina M. Addeo ’86
Vincent J. Agamennone ’71
Joseph T. Ambrozy ’61 M.S. ’63
Charles H. Anderson ’43
Brad Ansary
Janet H. and Cyrus A. Ansary
Jeffrey Ansary
Miriam D. and Herbert M.* Appleton, Jr. ’44 Hon. D.Eng. ’94
Susan F. and N. William* Atwater ’56 M.S. ’62
Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. ’66 Hon. D.Eng. ’01
Elizabeth E. Bailey M.S. ’66 Hon. D.Eng. ’00
Frank T. Battista '54
Thea and Anthony M. Bazzini ’81
Arlene M. and David P. Bencze ’70
Evelyn M. and Frederick J.* Berenbroick ’59 M.S. ’62
Jon R. Beveridge ’65
Barbara and Frederick L.* Bissinger ’33
Kathleen M. and William S. Blazowski ’68 M.Eng. ’69 Ph.D. ’71
Sandra F. and Donald J.* Blum ’45 and Family
Rose* and Robert W. Bosse ’50
Karen and Stephen T. Boswell C.E. ’89 Ph.D. ’91 Hon. D.Eng. ’13
Dorothy and George E.* Boyhan ’44
Bruce Boylan ’63
Gloria M. and William E.* Bradley ’48
Dennis Buzzelli ’69
Mary Anne Cannon ’86 and Daniel C. Murphy
Dana K. and Roberto G. Ceconi ’66
Marie and William A. Chernowetz ’71
Alice B. and A. James* Clark
The Ann E. Clark Foundation
Marie and Joseph A. Colandrea ’56
John J. Colonna-Romano ’74 M.S. ’76
Joanne L. Beattie Compton ’79 and Charles H. Compton
Claudia A. and Thomas A. Corcoran ’67 Hon. D.Eng. ’03
Diane C. Young, M.D. and Philip P. Crowley ’71
Jean M. and Stephen P. Cuff ’53
Dennis E. Curtin ’65 M.S. ’67
Ann M. and John J. Dalton ’60
Dolores and Carmine D’Amico ’51 M.S. ’54
Donald E. Daume ’67 M.Eng. ’68
Hal Daume ’63
Helen S. and William J. Davis ’52
Michele Z. and John R. Dearborn ’79 M.Eng. ’81
Alice and Bob Dent ’66
William W. Destler ’68 and Rebecca L. Johnson
Pamela and Anthony J. Diaco ’73
Henry P. Dobbelaar, Jr.
Mary S. and Robert J. Doyle ’56
Sandra and Kenneth A.* Dunphy ’61
Darlene L. and Gene* Eckel ’51 M.S. ’56
Doris J. and Edward F. Egan ’40 Hon. D.Eng. ’89
Bernadette M. and John C. Eilertsen ’62 M.M.S. ’65
Manuel S. Escobedo
Maria G. Conover and Miguel S. Escobedo*
GG* and David J. Farber ’56 M.S. ’61 Hon. D.Eng. ’99
Hoveida and Nariman Farvardin
Frank M. Fawzi ’84 M.M.S. ’87
Jeanne and John B. Fendel, Jr.
Ofelia and Emilio Fernandez
Synnove and Alfred W.* Fielding ’39
Alfred H. Filskov, Jr. ’61
Robert J. Fiocco ’58 M.S. ’61 Sc.D. ’64
Donald C. Forslund ’60 M.S. ’62
Sunil K. Garg Esq. M.S. ’74 Ph.D. ’78 and Neena Bitritto-Garg
John H. Gerbeth
Susan K. and Greg R. Gianforte ’83 M.S.E.E. ’83 Hon. D.Eng. ’12
Joan C. Gilson
Helen and Nicholas L. Giuricich ’53
Blanche J. and David A. Haid ’57
Cathy and Sean Hanlon ’80
Linda R. and Arthur H.* Harper ’78
John R. Harpootlian ’65 and Dorothy Duffy Price
Carol J. and Richard F. Harries ’58
Brett Heffes
James S. Heiser - In Memory of Richard S. Heiser ’48*
Ibby and Dan Hertz, Jr. ’52 Hon. M.E. ’82
Barbara G. and Edwin J. Hess ’55
Jacquelyn L. and David B. Hill ’60 M.S. ’61 Ph.D. ’63
Leon M. Hojegian ’61 M.M.S. ’67
Morgenstern-Horing Family (Norman J. Horing Hon. M.Eng. ’82)
Rosa and John H. Hovey ’57
Suzanne R. and Wesley J.* Howe ’43 M.S. ’53 Hon. D.Eng. ’81 Hon. M.T.M. ’97
Arthur E. Imperatore, Sr. Hon. D.Eng. ’88
Rosemary T. and Alfred W.* Iversen ’61
Maryann E. and George W. Johnston, Esq. ’72
Judith and Joseph J. Kaminski ’60
Lawrence G. Kaufman ’66 M.S. ’68 Ph.D. ’71
Gabrielle and William H. Korab
Elizabeth D. and Gustav H. Koven, III ’65
Judith and Richard L. Kuskin ’72
Virginia and Stephen J. Lukasik Hon. D.Eng. ’87
Doris A. and C. Thomas Lunghard ’58 M.S. ’61
Janet A. and Richard S. Magee ’63 M.S. ’64 Sc.D. ’68
Colleen M. and Charles J. Maguire ’77
Walter W. Mahnken ’42
Marino Family Foundation
John E. Marriott M.Eng. ’96 M.Eng. ’06
Robert S. Marshall ’60
Tom A. Martin ’63
Lisa M. Mascolo ’82 and Todd W. Singleton
Jo-Ann V. and Dwight B. Massey ’53
Anthony E. Massoud ’79
Sandeep L. Mathrani ’83 M.M.S. ’83 M.Eng. ’86 Hon. D.Eng. ’11
Jocelyn M. and Ewalt* Maurushat ’36
Grace M. and Richard A. McCormack ’53
Barbara and John B. McDonnell ’72
Sarah Myers McGinty
Rosemarie D. and Donald N. Merino ’60 M.S. ’63 Ph.D. ’75 PE
James L. Mersfelder ’64 and Sandra L. Stark
Nancy Vaughan Miller - In Memory of Paul Franklin Miller*
Joseph W. Mitro ’73 M.Eng. ’80
Barbara J. and James S. Moraseski ’73 M.S. ’73
Judith B. and Lambert H.* Mott ’45
Carole and Edward F.* Mullowney ’65
Nancy V. M. and Thomas J. Nathanson '74
Stephanie and Brian J. Nigito ’01
R. Wayne Oliver ’75 M.S. ’75
Janice and Howard Oringer ’62
Barbara Palmer
Carolyn and Frank S.* Panebianco ’76
Photios T. Paulson ’59 M.S. ’62
Sheila M.* and Charles J. Perruzzi ’63 M.M.S. ’66
Elaine and Charles I.* Petschek ’44 Hon. D.Eng. ’89
William C. Pezzano ’75
Stacia and Spyros M. Polemis ’61
Nandita and Birendra N. Pramanik M.S. ’73 Ph.D. ’77
Kay S. and John Provetero ’50 M.S. ’54
Beverly A. and John G. Puente M.S. ’60
Maria D. Ramirez-González ’89 and Hermes O. González-Bello ’89 M.S. ’95
Susan and Samuel P. Reckford
Sapienza Barone and Brodie Remington
Eileen D. and David J.* Resch ’45
Annmarie J. Rizzo ’86 M.S. ’92
Mary E. and Vincent A.* Rocco ’67
Katharine and Kenneth C. Rogers Hon. M.Eng. ’64 Hon. D.Eng. ’87 President Emeritus ’87
Walter S. Rogers ’35*
Gloria J. and Peter H.* Rohr ’45 M.S. ’48
Maryann and William Roper
Richard R. Roscitt ’73
Ian M. Ross Hon. D.Eng. ’83*
Virginia P. Ruesterholz ’83 Hon. D.Eng. ’08 and Kevin Ruesterholz ’83
Margaret and Robert E. Salfi ’64
Carol and Richard Sard ’62 M.S. ’63 Ph.D. ’68
Stephanie and Charles V.* Schaefer ’36
Roger W. Schatel ’71
John F. Schatmeyer ’57
Peggy and John A. Schepisi, Esq. ’65
A. Joseph Schneider ’46
Susan and Thomas H. Scholl
Mary Jane and Frank J. Semcer, Sr. ’65
Rik and Supriya K. Sen M.S. ’97 EMTM ’ 02
Shadek Family Foundation - In Memory of Arthur J. Shadek ’45*
Elizabeth and John J. Sheridan, III ’67
Steven Shulman ’62 M.S. ’63 Hon. D.Eng. ’02
Donald Silawsky, Esq. ’69 M.Eng. ’71
The Singhvi Family - In Memory of Mayush S. Singhvi '00
Albert E. Sisto ’71
Victor J. Skowronski ’71 M.Eng. ’72
Mary Louise and Henry F.* Snyder, Jr. ’50
Joy L. and Richard F. Spanier ’61 M.S. ’62 Ph.D. ’68
Charlene E. and John C. Spaziani ’67
Wendelyn and Peter E. Stamer ’61 M.S. ’63 Ph.D. ’66
Alma Stanley
Thomas E. Steeneck ’64
Karen L. Stroever M.M.S. ’77 and Bruce W. Stroever ’72
Jeannette and Warren J. Sweetnam ’49
Cynthia S. and J. Scott Swensen ’74
Rev. Dr. J. Richard Szeremany
Dianne L. Smith Szipszky ’90 M.Eng. ’91 and James A. Szipszky ’89 M.Eng. ’92
John R. Taylor
Werner E. Tietjen ’63
Elizabeth T. and Walter E. Ulrich ’68 M.M.S. ’80
Karen A. and Frederick E. Unfried ’65 M.Eng. ’67
Holly C. and Marty P. Valerio ’68
Edward F. Venner ’56
Debbie L. and Kenneth E. Venner ’84
Donald Vinik ’49
David W. Vogel ’65
Elizabeth A. Bing von Autenried ’83 and Paul H. von Autenried ’83 M.S. ’86
Eleanor L. S. and Willard A. Wade, III ’71
Maureen A. and David T. Wadiak ’73?
Penny and Joseph T. Weber, Jr. ’64
Audrey T. and Warren G.* Wells ’42 M.S. ’53
Madelene W. and George F. Weston ’55 M.S. ’61
Judy and Josh S. Weston Hon. D.Eng. ’96
Kathleen M. and Patrick J. Whelan ’72
Jeanie J. and Jerald M. Wigdortz ’69
Joannah and Harold P. Wilmerding
Joy and Philip W. Winkler ’71
Terry S. and William E. Witowsky ’79
Margot Worfolk
George J. Young ’76

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