Bnner: Friends of Stevens

Stevens is honored to count many friends among its donors who give without being alumni. These generous friends have come to see the benefits of supporting the university’s mission of preparing students for leadership roles in science, technology, business and society. Have you made your gift yet this year? Give now and add your name to the Honor Roll.

Friends of Stevens
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Primary Addressee
Mrs. Lauren Adelson-Luft
Mr. Austin Adkins
Ms. Erica Adkins
Miss Kelsey Adkins
Ms. Alyssa Agranat
Ms. Patricia Albrecht
Mr. Jedd Alcalde
Mr. Rodel Alcalde
Mr. Kristaps Aldins
Mrs. Shannon Aldins
Mr. Emmett Aler
Mrs. Emily Allan
Ms. Gillian R. Almy
Mr. Jonathan Almy
Ms. Nicole Altneu
Mr. Mariano Amador
Mrs. Lisa Amato\\ and Mr. Joseph Amato
Mr. Brian Amerman
Ms. Aditya Anand
Mr. Donald R. Anderson
Mr. James Andrich
Mr. Jeffrey C. Ansary
Dr. Mark Ardis
Ms. Jessica T. Aristizabal
Ms. Caroline Armstrong
Mr. Nicholas Austin
Mr. Scott M. Baach
Mr. Bradford C. Bacci
Mr. Gregory Bagarozy
Mr. Michael Baldi
Mrs. Rosina Ballantine
Ms. Angelina Banas
Mrs. Joanne Banas
Ms. Deborah A. Bannworth
Mr. Warren Barnes
Ms. Sapienza Barone
Mr. Daniel Barron
Ms. Colleen Barry
Mr. Jack Barry
Mr. Joseph Barry
Mr. Peter Basile
Mrs. Stefanie Basile
Mr. Paul D. Bass
Mr. Doug A. Beaney
Ms. Kimberly Beaney
Mr. Richard Beaney
Mr. James Becker
Mr. Jonathan J. Becker
Mr. Justin J. Becker
Ms. Odalys Becker
Results: (1 - 50) of 499

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