Spotlight on Scholarships at Stevens

Scholarships for Undergraduate

Scholarships for undergraduate students enable Stevens to compete for the top students from across the country. For talented students with financial need, undergraduate scholarships alleviate pressure and free those students to focus on excelling in academics, extracurricular activities, and career development.

Without scholarship support,” said Vice President Marybeth Murphy, “most of our students would not be able to attend. The more money we have that can support students, the more diverse our student body can be, and there is less stress on students when they’re here. They have to borrow less, and they can pursue other opportunities when they graduate. There is nothing like seeing somebody succeed because of the generosity of a donor.


Nazrin Akther ’20
The Kaminski Family Scholarship
Mechanical Engineering

Alongside preparing for a career in renewable energy, Nazrin has been busy. “I was the events coordinator of the Muslim Educational and Cultural Association on campus,” she said. “Being in a leadership role improved my soft skills. I worked as a student grader, which helped me refresh what I had previously learned. Off-campus, I worked as a chess teacher in two schools in Hoboken for K-2nd graders. Working with children always improves my patience and teaches me to think in different perspectives because children’s minds work so differently.”

Nazrin remains inspired by the Kaminski Family. “I’ve learned so much and gained so many skills throughout the years I’ve been at Stevens. I believe this is where I was meant to be, and I’m making the best of it thanks to their generosity!”


Mohammed Elmzaghi ’21
Donald J. Blum 1945 Endowed Scholarship
Computer Engineering

“The Donald J. Blum 1945 Endowed Scholarship has allowed me to focus more on passions as well as my education,” Mohammed said. “Not being stressed by tuition allows me to continue doing what I love best: computer science and entrepreneurship. I also worked on a film project where I led a team of eight to create a 20-minute short that was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival.”

“My main activity is a startup I launched to help democratize the world’s energy systems by building personal energy tools. Through my classes and the Stevens Venture Center, I learned how to ask research questions, formulate a business plan, and turn scientific innovations into viable businesses. My goals are to publish a research paper and attain funding to prototype a home energy system that I’d like to commercialize.”


Jordan Fernandes ’23
Edward F. Jedziniak 1941 Pinnacle Endowed Scholarship
Software Engineering

As a Pinnacle Scholar, Jordan participated in research alongside Professor Gregg Vesonder. “He asked our team for an academic paper for a robotics conference at Columbia University,” Jordan said. “Professor Vesonder formatted and submitted it to the conference judges, and they accepted us. Not only did this mean getting to present our work in front of experts, our paper was officially published in the IEEE database.”

Jordan has learned many lessons ahead of his career. “In an engineering project, every role is important, and a team should be diverse and knowledgeable to fit those roles. In the field, I will need to work among programmers, researchers, business leaders and customers, and I should be able to effectively communicate between them all to move through a project.”


Kaitlin Gili ’20
Class of 1954 Scholarship
Physics, with a minor in Computer Science

Kaitlin started a non-profit organization called Encouraging Women Across All Borders. “I met my co-founder at Oxford when I was studying abroad,” Kaitlin said, “and our network includes eight universities in six countries. At Stevens, we run sessions with undergraduate students to strengthen their confidence, teach them leadership and communication skills, and encourage them to study abroad. Even Mrs. Farvardin has volunteered as a mentor.”

“The Class of 1954 Scholarship has provided me with amazing opportunities. It has allowed me to expand my knowledge of physics, work towards my outreach goals, and realize different interests such as business and international politics. I will be going to graduate school, and I am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given.”


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