Spotlight on Scholarships at Stevens

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Since the university’s founding 150 years ago, alumni and friends have supported scholarships. Now, they are opening doors for a new generation through scholarships for pre-college, undergraduate and graduate students.


Scholarships for Pre-College

Scholarships for pre-college start students on the right path. In the Stevens pre-college program, high school students live on campus for one- or two-week sessions, where they sample classes, interact with faculty, complete a project, tour STEM workplaces and learn about the college admission process. This experience can be pivotal, especially for students from underserved backgrounds who seek a life-changing college education.

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Scholarships for Undergraduate

Scholarships for undergraduate students enable Stevens to compete for the top students from across the country. For talented students with financial need, undergraduate scholarships alleviate pressure and free those students to focus on excelling in academics, extracurricular activities, and career development.

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Scholarships for Graduates

Scholarships for graduate students enable emerging researchers to work alongside established faculty and pursue innovative solutions. Also known as fellowships, these funds provide students with crucial financial support to meet their expenses while they focus on conducting research and other professional development.

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