Transformational Naming Opportunities

Naming gifts support the university’s commitment to maximizing the campus experience for students, fostering stronger ties to their alma mater. Named spaces empower Stevens to build boldly and honor generous alumni and friends for their partnership in this historic project.

Starting at $10 Million


University Center

By creating spaces for clubs and activities, the university center will provide an enriched and well-rounded collegiate experience. With new event venues, Stevens will be able to showcase its innovation and entrepreneurship to visitors from academia, industry and government, furthering the university’s impact and prestige.


South Residential Tower

Together with the Richard F. Harries ’58 Residential Tower to the north, the south residential tower will add nearly 1,000 on-campus beds, enabling a more close-knit campus community. Inside furnished bedrooms and suites, students will have the memorable experience of waking up to inspiring views of the Manhattan skyline.



Starting at $750,000


Grand Commons

At the main entrance of the university center, the grand commons will be the epicenter for a bustling campus.


Fitness Center

A fully equipped fitness center will promote physical health and wellness.


Outdoor Spaces

The Stevens community can gather at outdoor spaces such as the plaza between the towers and a sweeping terrace facing east.


Event Venues

Versatile rooms like the tech-flex auditorium will hold academic conferences, student gatherings, alumni programs and other events.


Staircase and Lounge

This signature staircase and adjacent lounge are suited for casual gatherings and meetings.


Dining Room

With an à la carte menu, the dining room will be the perfect place for faculty and staff to host alumni and other distinguished visitors.



Starting at $250,000


Residential Tower Lobbies

At the main entrance of the university center, the grand commons will be the epicenter for a bustling campus.


Student Lounges

Students will find many uses for these multi-purpose lounges.



Facing Wittpenn Walk, this charming café adds a pause point and fast dining for a busy community.



Starting at $25,000


Conference Rooms

Smart-tech conference rooms will enable student groups, faculty and staff to conduct formal meetings.


Student Activity Spaces

Student government and other organizations will have new spaces for enriching the student experience.


Residential Lounges

On each floor, these lounges will provide additional venues for students to gather for studying and socializing.


Skybridge Study Spaces

The skybridge will be the crossroads of the two towers, offering student residents recreational space and quiet study rooms.


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