For Love of the Game, Boylan Leaves Legacy


For many, the name Bruce Boylan ’63, evokes one thing at Stevens, namely, lacrosse. Fellow classmates will recall that he is a Hall of Famer who held the single season scoring record for 34 years. No small feat for an athlete, yet Bruce is nonchalant when talking about his achievements. In fact, Bruce would rather talk about his love for the game, which is what has continued his connection to his alma mater.

When he first came to Stevens, he was already an athlete. Confident in his abilities, he wanted to play lacrosse even though he had never played before. In his freshman year gym class, he met Coach Irvin “Buzz” Seymour. To say it was a life affirming experience doesn’t quite capture it. It was the beginning of a friendship that spanned a lifetime. Buzz was a mentor to Bruce through college and beyond, so it’s only natural that Bruce would honor him with a moving tribute in the Stevens Indicator. When he talks about Stevens, he references Buzz, who gave him guidance, support and encouragement. “He was always upbeat and whenever you were around him, he made you feel special. He did that for everyone,” said Bruce about Buzz.

Sports fosters loyalty for fans and players alike, and Bruce is the epitome of both. He faithfully returned to campus every year for 35 years for the alumni lacrosse game. During that time and at the suggestion of Buzz, he came on as assistant lacrosse coach and stayed for 15 years. He is modest about his success as a coach. He doesn’t believe that he has had as much influence over players as his mentor once had on him. What comes through is his enthusiasm for sports. “I really enjoyed it,” he said. “And of course my fraternity is still dominant in lacrosse. That made it even better. It was more than trying to win. It was teaching them how to be, how to get along, how to get better.”

In addition to his love of sports, he has always had a strong bond with his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, known as the “Delts.” He described the Delts as leaders on campus. “They have always been jocks and regular guys. It is still that way today,” he said. It was in the 90s that Bruce got the idea to start a Delt Scholarship for the fraternity. What began with three scholarships has bloomed into seven that are awarded annually. Not bad for a guy whose first donation was $100 for the athletic department.

While he no longer coaches lacrosse, he is still a dynamic force on campus. He describes his involvement in alumni events as something that happened gradually. He reconnected with the school at the ’62 Alumni Weekend in 1987, mostly because it gave him a chance to see all his friends. He began planning events. He organized several dinner cruises on the Hudson on Alumni Weekends, and the 125th and 135th Delt reunion, which drew more than 100 Delts each time.

In 2003, shortly before his 40th reunion, it was suggested by Dick Magee ’63, that he become class president, a position he still holds. Magee’s loyalty to Boylan is no less than the esteem Bruce has for Dick. The former co-captains of the lacrosse team have been “life-long friends,” said Bruce. Together, they arranged a testimonial dinner in 1989 in honor of their former coach when he retired.

Not surprisingly, he is a popular figure on campus. He’s gregarious by nature and a leader in sports. As a member of the Alumni Association, he goes to many events. One might even say that he improved them. It was his suggestion to change the quality of the wine that is served at functions. He is both knowledgeable and passionate about wine. With his vast experience, he hand picks the wines that are offered. Word of this particular skill has gotten out. At the suggestion of his fraternity brother Ed Eichhorn ’69, he began hosting wine tastings at Stevens. The event has grown in popularity. One of his tastings had over 100 attendees.

It’s easy for Bruce to attend all these functions, he has called Hoboken home since 1993. Hoboken suits him. He has developed lasting friendships with neighbors and has an insider’s knowledge of town politics. He also has a lifetime of impressions of Stevens. He believes Stevens is continuing to grow. “Nariman [Farvardin] is the best president we’ve ever had – that Stevens has ever had since I’ve been at Stevens,” said Bruce, who describes him as a real leader who excels at bringing people together.

Bruce is quick to compliment people in his life who have made a lasting impression on him, like his incomparable friendship with Buzz. Yet his most enduring relationship might be his legacy to Stevens. He achieved the grand slam in philanthropy, becoming a member in all four donor recognition societies including the Lifetime Giving Society, the Stevens Legacy Society, the EAS Society and the Gear Society. He has bequeathed his house to Stevens after his death to provide housing for students. Bruce would tell you that Buzz always taught him to do the right thing, not realizing he has surpassed his former mentor’s expectations with his generosity.


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