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Date: September 22, 2018
Location: Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Sorry! Online registration for this event is now CLOSED.

Please contact Michelle Nunez, Director of Development and Alumni Events at 201.216.5246 or with any questions.

Contributions and ticket purchases for the STEP 50th Anniversary are tax-deductible, with the exception of the value of goods received, which is $75 per ticket.

STEP 50th - Who's Coming - (Guests are not shown)
Results: (1 - 50) of 75
Primary AddresseeClass ofFrat/Sorority
Ms. Melissa Agosto
Ms. Stefannye M. Barragan2014
Mr. Joseph L. Baskerville1973
Ms. Deborah B. Berkley1984Omicron Pi
Ms. Yonaida Brito2018
Mrs. Marissa Moses Brock1999
Mr. Alvin Brown
Mr. Lorenzo L. Burke2018
Mrs. Carla G. Upshur Cabrera1999
Mr. Nicolas Cabrera1999
Ms. Daniela Cardona2017
Ms. Yhomayra Cortegana
Ms. Carmen I. Cotto-Rivera1987Delta Phi Epsilon
Mr. Nathanael S. Cox2012
Ms. Dawn da Silva
Dr. Clive B. Dawson1971
Mrs. Clarelle D. P. C. DeGraffe1984
Mr. Earle E. Derry1984
Mr. Walter S. Edgar1993
Mr. Louis Farfan
Mrs. Hoveida Farvardin
Dr. Nariman Farvardin
Ms. Tiffany Fonque
Mr. Juan D. Gamarra2007Sigma Nu
Mrs. Jessica G. Portilla George1997
Mr. Cristian F. Gonzalez2017Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Mr. Hermes O. Gonzalez1989
Mr. Martin J. Haggerty2017
Ms. Soany Heredia2016Omega Phi Beta
Ms. Taimy I. Heredia2011
Mr. Freddy L. Hernandez2013
Mr. Ariso Herrera2001Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Ms. Joelle M. Hinds1993
Ms. Genesis Jimenez2011
Dr. Sara Klein
Mr. Warren R. Leonard
Mr. Christopher E. Leonor2008Alpha Phi Omega
Ms. Tiffany A. Lescano2018Omega Phi Beta
Mr. Bryan Lopez
Mr. Carl K. Marcelus2012Sigma Nu
Mrs. Maria Cristina V. Martinez1994Delta Phi Epsilon
Mrs. Ann Marie S. Guanlao McCaughey2005
Mr. Colin W. McCaughey2005Sigma Nu
Mrs. Jordan G. McClain Melaku1989Delta Phi Epsilon
Mr. Makonnen Melaku1985
Mrs. Susan S. Metz
Mr. Marvin S. Mondesir2005
Ms. Marybeth Murphy
Ms. Nicole J. Mussenden1988Delta Phi Epsilon
Mr. E'Nigel C. Owusu-Ansah
Results: (1 - 50) of 75

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