Adulting 101: Well-Being



Tuesday, April 18
Noon - 1 p.m. (ET)


Zoom Webinar 

Zoom information to be provided upon registration. 


This event is open to all Stevens students, alumni, faculty and staff. 


Regisration is required. 

The Recent Alumni and Current Students Committee (RACS) of the Stevens Alumni Association and the Office of Development & Alumni Engagement invites you to join Victoria O'Connor Blazeski '11 from Philosophy Porch Coaching for a discussion on all things important to your well-being and setting and enforcing boundaries as part of the Adulting 101 series. From young professionals to seasoned business owners, Coach Tori offers a unique perspective for everyone.


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Victoria O'Connor Blazeski '11

Before beginning my journey into life coaching and energy healing, I followed a traditional path towards success, and by many people's standards, I had achieved it. I graduated with honors from a top tier undergraduate program, played Division III college basketball, survived law school, landed a coveted clerkship, married an incredible person, and built an extraordinary family. Through 2021, I worked at a top tier, global accounting firm doing international corporate tax for financial services companies. However, despite all of this, I wasn't happy. I experienced severe burnout in 2019 that lead to a transformational break-down, break-through journey. I began exploring myself, my priorities, my spirituality, and my values. I started making changes in order to find greater purpose in my life and experience lasting relief from the burnout lifestyle I was leaving behind.

Philosophy Porch Coaching LLC was born at the end of 2021, and with this, I had accomplished one of my lifelong dreams of owning my own business. My journey led me to Life Coaching and the Dharma Coaching Institute, and I completed the life purpose and spiritual life coaching training. I also became a Reiki Master in 2022, and began specializing in distance energy healings. This allowed me to bring together the skills I've learned and the psychic talents I've fostered since I was a child. 

The information presented is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Nothing in this presentation constitutes legal, health or professional advice and all information presented is provided in good faith. 

Adulting 101 is a free webinar series created by the Recent Alumni & Current Students Committee (RACS) of the Stevens Alumni Association in partnership with the Office of Development and Alumni Engagement, suited best for young alumni and current students. The series is designed to provide insight into practical life topics not addressed in traditional degree programs. Adulting 101 sessions are offered several times throughout the year and will last approximately 45 minutes per session, followed by a Q&A. 

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Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Engagement

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