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Listed below are all donors from July 1, 2013 to the present who have made gifts to funds that support research, faculty programs, and other projects that help attract and retain excellent faculty. Not on the list? Make a gift now to support Faculty Excellence at Stevens!

Faculty Excellence
Results: (1 - 50) of 438
Primary AddresseeClass of
Mr. Thomas L. Abello
Mr. Colin T. Aitken2018
Ms. Nazrin Akther2020
Ms. Sarah Albert
Mr. George G. Allaria1960
Mrs. Jean N. Allaria
Mr. Eugene K. Allen1971
Ms. Iman T. Alshafie2019
Ms. Salma T. Alshafie2019
Ms. Stephanie Alvarez
Mr. Calvin L. Ang2000
Mr. Jose R. Angeles2019
Ms. Shailja P. Anjaria2020
Mr. Ronnie J. Ankner
Mr. Brad Ansary
Mr. Jeffrey C. Ansary
Ms. Alyssa Antropow2013
Mr. Philip W. Apruzzese1970
Mr. Daniel V. Atienza2003
Mr. Joseph Azara
Barbara Babiak
Mr. Joseph P. Barbetta
Ms. Bridgette M. Barden2014
Ms. Kimberly Barletta
Ms. Patrice Barletta
Mr. Kemi Barleycorn
Ms. Haylie Barnes2021
Dr. Anthony L. Barrese1970
Linda F. Barrese
Mr. Timothy J. Barrett2020
Mr. Allan C. Barry1964
Mr. Evan Bedser2019
Mr. Frank Behnke1977
Theresa McDonald . Behnke, DMD
Mr. Lucas J. Berard
Ms. Madison E. Bertscha2020
Mr. Shawn Beyer2011
Mr. Mark R. Biamonte2001
Mr. Daniel F. Bianchini2020
Mr. John Bieger1977
Ms. Isabella M. Biesty2020
Ms. Ellen Binder
Ms. ToniAnn Biondolillo
Mr. Jeffrey S. Biskowitz1989
Kathleen Bison
Mr. Robert J. Bison1964
Ms. Audrey M. Biss
Ms. Katie Blevins
Mr. Jack D. Blum
Results: (1 - 50) of 438

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