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Seeing students support the university even while they’re still enrolled is an inspiration to the entire Stevens community. These students see what others have done in giving to create a world-class university, and they are already eager to give back to benefit those who will follow. Have you made your gift yet this year? Give now and add your name to the Honor Roll.

Student Giving
Results: (1 - 50) of 132
Primary AddresseeClass of
Ms. Brandy M. Americk2015
Mr. Andrew Amerman
Ms. Sylvana Azana2014
Mrs. Soraina Baez
Ms. Bridgette M. Barden2014
Mr. Conner Bass2015
Mr. Nicholas W. Bernier2018
Ms. Emily Brandsdorfer2014
Mr. Thomas E. Burrell2018
Mr. Paul Caplan2018
Mr. Carl Caserta2015
Ms. Laura M. Cerrito2014
Mr. Eric Chae2014
Mr. Craig Cheng
Mr. Joongil J. Chung2014
Mr. Kristian Cichon
Mr. Jacob M. Ciesielski2018
Mr. Eric Cortese2014
Ms. Candace Craig2015
Ms. Lindsay Crossan2014
Mr. Troy D'Angelo 20172017
Mr. Matthew J. Daw2015
Mr. Justin De Martinis
Mr. Dylan DeBoer
Mr. Matthew E. Defeligibus2015
Mr. Troy Dermond 20182018
Mr. Sean E. Devlin2014
Mr. Cooper Diamond
Mr. James E. Doyle2018
Mr. Jonathan Drosos2014
Ms. Rebecca E. Dunn2015
Mr. Korey Edwards2014
Mr. Andreas J. Eisenmann2015
Mr. Mitchel L. Epperly2015
Mr. Ian Fan2018
Mr. Jason C. Farkas2018
Ms. Tatyana Fedorenko2015
Mr. Evan Feil2014
Mr. Jason Fiore2015
Mr. Shawn M. Flanders2013
Mr. Yarden J. Flatow2018
Mr. Christopher Florek2015
Mr. Michael A. Frasco2015
Mr. Nicholas M. Frato2015
Mr. Jonathan Frenzel
Mr. Cagan Friend2018
Mr. Luis J. Garcia2015
Mr. Pasquale Gencarelli Jr.
Mr. Michael P. Gendreau2015
Miss Samantha S. George2014
Results: (1 - 50) of 132


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