Picture of a Stevens Legacy Society Medallion

Stevens Legacy Society

Charles H. Anderson ’43

Marylou F. and William J. Ardrey ’60

Harriet S. and Peter H. Astor ’64, M.S. ’66, Ph.D. ’70

Lawrence T. Babbio ’66, Hon.D.Eng. ’01

Jean F. and Alfred C.* Baechlin ’47

Betty and Arnold C. Bahnsen ’59

Margaret J. and Edlow S.* Bance ’34

Mildred J. and Charles G. Berendsen ’51, M.S. ’55

Barbara L. Birdsall

Randie S. and Gary W. Blauth ’66, M.Eng. ’68, M.Eng. ’99

Sandra F. and Donald J.* Blum ’45

Heli and Thomas Blum

Jeanne and George F. Bonnici ’59

Rose and Robert W. Bosse ’50

Dorothy and George E.* Boyhan ’44

Peter M. Brady ’61, M.S. ’63

Stephanie C. and John W. Burns ’67, M.S.MA. ’68, Ph.D. ’76

Dennis Buzzelli ’69

Maria and Carlyle G. Caldwell

Isabelle E. and William J. Canavan ’44*

Jean O. and Francis J.* Cashin ’46, Hon.M.E. ’86, Hon.D.Eng. ’90

Laurie N. and Christopher L. Coccio ’63

Joanne L. Beattie Compton ’79 and Charles H. Compton

Claudia A. and Thomas A. Corcoran ’67, Hon.D.Eng. ’03

Deborah M. and Stephen C. Craffen ’77

Alice R. and Eugene R. Crilly ’45, M.S. ’49*

Diane C. Young and Phil P. Crowley ’71

Jean M. and Stephen P. Cuff ’53

Dawn da Silva

Nancy and John C. Daidola, Ph.D. ’84

Richard H. Darwent, M.M.S. ’67

Helen S. and William J. Davis ’52

C. Basil Dearborn ’39, M.S. ’45*

Cheryll Dearborn and Mark Anderson

Bruce N. Del Porte ’79*

Henry P. Dobbelaar, Jr.

Mary S. and Robert J. Doyle ’56

Faith and Robert H.* Duklauer ’42

Dorothy M. and Raymond W. Durante ’50, M.S. ’57

Gene Eckel ’51, M.S. ’56

Doris J. and Edward F. Egan ’40, Hon.D.Eng. ’89

Bernadette M. and John C. Eilertsen ’62, M.M.S. ’65

Ronald M. Eng ’65

John V. Ernest ’50*

David J. Farber ’56, M.S. ’61, Hon.D.Eng. ’99

Jeanne and John B. Fendel, Jr.

Edward L. Fischer ’51, M.S. ’61

Gail S. and Donald C. Forslund ’60, M.S. ’62

Donald K. Frerichs ’63

Frosty and Donald R. Friedman ’68

Beth L. and Phillip T. Funke M.S. ’56, Ph.D. ’62

Shirley B. and D. Scott* Gallagher ’49

Della and F. Leroy Garrabrant ’43

Jeanne M. and John R.* Gibbs ’45

Isabel W. and Robert P.* Giblon ’36, M.S. ’43

Isabel W. and Robert P.* Giblon ’36, M.S. ’43

Joan C. Gilson

Helen and Nicholas L. Giuricich ’53

Carol and Leonard A. Goldstein ’53

Michael Governor

Elizabeth W. and Frank R. Grapkowski ’73

Harvey R. Greenberg ’74, M.S. ’74

Alan H. Grossman, M.S.E.E. ’83

Blanche J. and David A. Haid ’57

Rita and Richard J.* Harper ’53

John R. Harpootlian ’65

Marian L. and John G. Hauck ’45, M.S. ’51

Ibby and Dan Hertz ’52, Hon.M.E. ’82

David B. Hill ’60, M.S. ’61, Ph.D. ’63

Janit Romayko and James L.* Hodges ’61, M.S. ’64, Ph.D. ’70

Leon M. Hojegian ’61, M.M.S. ’67

Rosa and John H. Hovey ’57

Suzanne R. and Wesley J.* Howe ’43, M.S. ’53, Hon.D.Eng. ’81

Caleb B. Hurtt ’53, Hon.D.Eng. ’95

Arthur E. Imperatore, Sr., Hon.D.Eng. ’88

Mary Jane and Geoffrey S.* Inman ’51

Dympna J. and Frank J.* Jessich ’50

Helen and O. Frank* Kattwinkel ’48, M.S. ’49

Lawrence G. Kaufman ’66, M.S. ’68, Ph.D. ’71

Jean S. and Edmund V.* Kindberg ’53

Barbara B. and Robert L. Klein ’42, M.S. ’43

Pauline M. and Henry G.* Kopp ’55, M.S. ’63

Charles J. Kovarik ’55

Lillian and M. Steven* Kurtz ’43

Marianne and Robert W.* Lamb ’46

Evelyn C. and John L.* Lauer ’59

Agnes and Ronald P. LeBright ’55

Jean S. and Edward K.* Lefren ’40

Warren R. Leonard

Ruth E. Lieberbach-Miller

John J. LoPorto ’46, M.S. ’54, M.S. ’58

Virginia and Stephen J. Lukasik, Hon.D.Eng. ’87

Doris A. and C. Thomas Lunghard ’58, M.S. ’61

Arlene D. and Charles A. Macaluso ’50, M.S. ’58

Janet A. and Richard S. Magee ’63, M.S. ’64, Sc.D. ’68

John E. Marriott, M.Eng. ’96, M.Eng. ’06

Jo-Ann V. and Dwight B. Massey ’53

Dolores and Bruce A. Matern ’69

Jocelyn M. and Ewalt* Maurushat ’36

Marilyn A. and John M. Mazzilli ’60

Susan D. McArdle ’81 and James McArdle ’81

Austin F. McCormack ’45*

Jerome D. Mellinger, M.S. ’63

Rosemarie D. and Donald N. Merino ’60, M.S. ’63, Ph.D. ’75

William P. Moore ’73

Nancy A. and Thomas J. Moschello ’63, M.S. ’65

Vera F. and Erwin E. Muller ’52

Catherine and Michael D. Myers ’73, M.S. ’84, M.S. ’93

Linda H. Nelson, M.S. ’77 and Larry D. Nelson

Patricia A. and Dean E. Nold ’55

Sheila M. and Charles J. Perruzzi ’63, M.M.S. ’66

Grace A. and James A.* Plumstead ’48

Sally F. and Joseph A.* Prestele ’49, M.S. ’57

Kay S. and John Provetero ’50, M.S. ’54

Kay and Willard E. Rapp, M.S. ’61

Gloria J. and Peter H. Rohr ’45, M.S. ’48

Richard R. Roscitt ’73

David P. Rost ’57

Virginia P. Ruesterholz ’83, Hon.D.Eng ’08 and Kevin Ruesterholz ’83

Margaret and Robert E. Salfi ’64

Carol and Richard Sard ’62, M.S. ’63, Ph.D. ’68

Roger W. Schatel ’71

John F. Schatmeyer ’57

A. Joseph Schneider ’46

Lin B. and Albert Z. Schwartz ’67

Charlotte and John K.* Scott

Mary Jane and Frank J. Semcer, Sr. ’65

Donald Silawsky ’69, M.Eng. ’71

Frederick B. Six, M.S. ’66

Ruth V. and Covert F.* Smith ’46

Linda D. and Watson B.* Smith ’53

Mary Louise and Henry F.* Snyder ’50

Joy L. and Richard F. Spanier ’61, M.S. ’62, Ph.D. ’68

Charlene E. and John C. Spaziani ’67

Marilyn and Donald P. Sposato ’63, M.M.S. ’67, Ph.D. ’74

Karen G. and E. Russell Sprague ’36*

Dolores J. and Robert F. Steinke ’58

Ronald S. Swade ’58, M.S. ’65

J. Richard Szeremany

Stephanie J. S. and Terry L. Tranen ’64

Karen A. and Frederick E. Unfried ’65, M.Eng. ’67

Holly C. and Marty P. Valerio ’68

Phyllis N. and Robert D. Van Buiten ’49

Donald Vinik ’49

David W. Vogel ’65

Maureen A. and David T. Wadiak ’73

Ethel N. and Julian C. Webster ’43, M.S. ’51

Audrey T. and Warren G.* Wells ’42, M.S. ’53

Mila C. and Anthony Wereta ’68, M.Eng. ’70, Ph.D. ’76

Kathleen F. and Patrick J. Whelan ’72

Joan and Myles* Williamson ’45

Philip W. Winkler ’71

George J. Young ’76


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