Picture of Parents with their Daughter

Parents of students often make financial gifts to give Stevens extra resources for training their children to become leaders in science, business, society and many other fields. Like a surprise care package from home to a hard-working student, these gifts to the university are especially welcome. Give now to join your classmates.

Parent Giving
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Primary AddresseeClass of
Dr. Jabeen A. Abukwaik
Mr. Steven Alderson
Mr. John Alicandri1989
Dr. Christopher J. Asakiewicz1983
Mr. Gregory Bagarozy
Mr. James E. Barry
Mr. Anthony M. Bazzini1981
Mrs. Thea Bazzini
Mr. David M. Bonifacic1986
Mrs. Maryclaire Volpe Brescia1986
Miss Sharon Burrell
Mr. Carl T. Busseno1990
Ms. Diana Byrne
Mr. Anthony P. Caruso1987
Mr. and Ms. Claude Chapel
Mrs. Lori A. Britton Cherone1983
Mr. James S. Chi1991
Ms. Rose Cioffi
Mr. James Cohen
Mr. Fred Colacino1984
Mrs. Kathleen G. O'Malley Coumans1980
Mrs. Paula D'Amico
Mr. Theodore C. D'Amico
Mr. Dana R. Darby
Mr. Gregg H. Davis1984
Mr. and Mrs. Martin De Rise
Ms. Carol Ann Devlin
Mr. John R. Earl1979
Mrs. Monica Evans
Mr. Anthony J. Faugno
Mr. Anthony D. Fea1986
Mr. Eugene Ferrara
Mr. Edmund J. Flaherty1987
Ms. Priscilla R. Flynn
Dr. Douglas Freedman
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Furey
Mrs. Hayley Gans
Mr. Hilary Gans
Ms. Brenda Gardner
Mr. Richard J. Gobeille1980
Ms. Gail R. Gremse
Dr. Sharon Haas and\ Dr. Douglas Freedman
Mr. Paul A. Heine
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Heinrich
Mr. Michael Hinton
Mr. William Hom1985
Mr. Ward Horner
Mr. Raymond A. Hromada1983
Mr. Brian Jordan
Mr. Allen B. Kingman
Results: (1 - 50) of 118


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