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Stevens is honored to count many friends among its donors who give without being alumni. These generous friends have come to see the benefits of supporting the university’s mission of preparing students for leadership roles in science, technology, business and society. Have you made your gift yet this year? Give now and add your name to the Honor Roll.

Friends of Stevens
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Primary Addressee
Mr. Jose Abad
Mr. Anthony Abate
Mr. Steven Alderson
Mr. Kristaps Aldins
Dr. Kenneth Alexo Jr.
Mr. Earle W. Allen
Mr. Jason Amato
Mr. Andrew Amerman
Mr. Jeffrey Ansary
Mrs. Soraina Baez
Ms. Bridgette M. Barden
Ms. Sapienza Barone
Mr. William P. Barron
Mr. James E. Barry
Mr. Michael Barry
Mr. William Bayer
Ms. Lynn Bergner
Mr. Steven Berhang
Mr. Mark R. Biamonte
Mr. John Bisozio
Ms. Eileen Black
Ms. Joann Blackmore
Mr. David Blaetz
Mr. Pierson Blaetz
Ms. Robin Blaetz
Mr. Peter A. Bloom
Mr. Thomas Blum
Ms. Marie-Jose M. Bodi
Mr. Anthony Bonaventura
Ms. Michelle Bonaventura
Ms. Antonella Bove
Dr. Washington Braida
Ms. Dianne M. Brown
Dr. Barry J. Bunin
Ms. Anne M. Burgos
Ms. Desiree Burke
Mr. James Burke
Ms. Diana Byrne
Mrs. Karen J. Byron
Mr. Arthur Camins
Ms. Patricia Capaldo
Mr. Roy W. Carlson
Mr. James B. Carpenter
Ms. Denise R. Cauchard
Dr. Ronald Cauchard
Ms. Natalia A. Chabebe
Dr. Constantin Chassapis
Mr. Rupak Chatterjee
Ms. Jo Ann Cicchine
Ms. Rose Cioffi
Results: (1 - 50) of 307


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