Picture of Faculty during the Innovation Expo

Faculty and staff show their commitment to the Stevens mission by sharing their time and expertise and also by making financial gifts. These members of the Stevens community on the inside give to benefit the students they know on campus and those who will call Castle Point home in the future.

Faculty and staff often support their campus interests by making regular gifts every month. By using the Employee Payroll Deduction form, you can deduct a set amount from your paycheck and apply it towards your favorite department or program. This is one of the most convenient ways faculty and staff have of joining prestigious groups like the Edwin A. Stevens Society.

Faculty and Staff Giving
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Primary AddresseeClass ofStevens Department
Mr. Jose Abad
Mr. Kristaps Aldins
Ms. Barbara Arnett2012
Mr. Anthony J. Arturi1959
Dr. Christopher J. Asakiewicz1983
Mrs. Soraina Baez
Dr. Anthony L. Barrese1970
Mrs. Linda Scanlon Beninghove2003
Mr. Steven Berhang
Mr. John Bisozio
Ms. Eileen Black
Dr. Alan F. Blumberg2011
Mr. Anthony Bonaventura
Ms. Antonella Bove
Mr. Peter M. Brady, Jr.1961
Dr. Washington Braida
Dr. Leslie R. Brunell1986
Dr. Barry J. Bunin
Ms. Desiree Burke
Mr. James B. Carpenter
Dr. Constantin Chassapis2004
Mr. Rupak Chatterjee
Dr. Christos Christodoulatos1991
Ms. Jo Ann Cicchine
Ms. Devin N. Corson2013
Ms. Marguerite B. Cunning
Mrs. Celine O. Cunningham
Ms. Karen Cuozzo
Ms. Dawn da SilvaDevelopment
Ms. Jessica de Veyga
Mr. Kenneth J. DeGraw1957
Ms. Barbara DeHaven
Dr. Mohammad Dehghani
Ms. Debbie Del Valle
Mrs. Lisa Ditto DeMarco2005
Dr. Darinka Dentcheva
Mr. Henry P. Dobbelaar, Jr.
Dr. Peter Dominick
Mr. Patrick Dorywalski
Mrs. Eden O. Downs1994
Dr. Robert R. Downs1997
Mr. Waleed H. Farid2008
Dr. Nariman Farvardin
Mr. Joseph D. Favia2013
Dr. Frank L. Fernandez1960
Mr. Zeferino J. FerreiraDevelopment
Mrs. Amanda Flannery2013
Mr. Edmund Fogarty
Mr. Michael G. Forbes2010
Mr. Christopher S. Francis2011
Results: (1 - 50) of 157


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