Friday, May 31, 2019 -
Sunday, June 2, 2019

Stevens Institute of Technology

This event is open to all
Stevens students, faculty,
staff, alumni, and invited guests.



Who's Coming?

Main Registrants (Guests are not shown)
Results: (1 - 50) of 499
Primary AddresseeClass ofFrat/Sorority
Ms. Glen Anna Abellana2019Omega Phi Beta
Mrs. Fiona Accardi
Mr. William J. Accardi1984Alpha Sigma Phi
Mr. John H. Alexander, Jr.2012
Mr. Timothy M. Alexander2005
Mr. Joseph V. Amorosa2009
Mr. Michael L. Andreano1996Chi Phi
Mr. Jose R. Angeles-Ovalles2019Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Brenda Marie Anguil
Mr. Gene H. Anguil1959Phi Sigma Kappa
Mr. Michael D. Armstrong2019
Dr. Harmon J. Aronson1964Pi Lambda Phi
Mr. Anthony J. Arturi1959Phi Sigma Kappa
Dr. Peter H. Astor1964Pi Lambda Phi
Mr. Shrinidhi Athanikar2020
Ms. Shayna L. Felts Atkinson1989Delta Phi Epsilon
Mr. Alexander G. Atwood2002
Miss Elizabeth Awosogba
Ms. Dana Bacalla2008
Mr. Dennis L. Backus1959Chi Phi
Ms. Jin Bai2007
Mr. Arthur H. Baily1964Theta Xi
Dr. Suman Banerjee
Ms. Ilene P.G. Banoud2008Phi Sigma Sigma
Ms. Stephanie C. Barbiero1989
Mr. David E. Barker2008
Mr. Nicholas P. Barresi2012
Mr. Donald G. Baxter1965Delta Tau Delta
Mr. Robert V. Benazzi1969Delta Tau Delta
Mr. Ryan K. Bender2005
Daniel A. Beneski, M.D.1971Delta Tau Delta
Mrs. Evelyn M. Berenbroick
Admiral Shelley Berquist
Mr. David A. Berry2004Sigma Nu
Mr. Brian Bertucci2021
Dr. Michael A. Bertucci2009Sigma Phi Epsilon
Mr. Anthony J. Bevacqua2016
Mr. Adil A. Bhanji1984
Dr. James B. Biagi
Mr. Jeffrey S. Biskowitz1989Chi Phi
Mr. Robert J. Bison1964Alpha Sigma Phi
Mr. Andrew G. Bjerke2011
Ms. Kaitlynn A. Bjerke2011
Mr. Dennis A. Blahut1962Phi Sigma Kappa
Mr. Enrique L. Blanco1972
Ms. Mary Blanco
Mr. Arthur V. Block1964
Diane Kalt Block
Mr. Bruce Blondina1973
Mrs. Joan Phelan Blondina
Results: (1 - 50) of 499

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