Alumni Event Request Form

Looking to host a regional event? Or a panel on-campus for students? Whatever the purpose, our office is available to provide support. Request submission deadlines will vary based on the size and complexity of the event. These include:
Size: Small (10-20), Scope: No site reservations; Promo emails, Deadline (weeks prior to the event date): 4 weeks
Size: Medium (21-50), Scope: Site reservations; Online registration; Promo email, Deadline (weeks prior to the event date): 8 weeks
Size: Medium Complex (21-50), Scope: Speaker reservations; Online registration; Promo emails, Deadline (weeks prior to the event date): 12 weeks
Size: Large (51+), Scope: All of the above, Deadline (weeks prior to the event date): 12 weeks
The requestor will be contacted to acknowledge their event submission has been received within 2 to 3 business days, to review the submission and to validate and clarify the information provided. A final decision on each submission will be made within 10 business days and based on the scope, timing and required resources for the proposed program. Please note that submitting the form does not guarantee your event will be approved.
Requestor’s Information
Event Details
*Make a Donation: If there is no fund associated with event/group, we suggest adding a donation option on the registration page to support the Stevens Fund.
If off-campus, please provide address of requested venue
Event Setup
Budget Estimates (please complete all applicable fields)
Marketing and Communications Schedule

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